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Powder Coating Services

Key Benefits

  • There is a wide variety of attractive finishes.
  • Powder coat finishes are very durable.
  • Powder coating goes on evenly and does not run.
  • The process is very affordable.

How does the process work?

  • As stated earlier… you bring us your metal item for powder coating. It should be free of grease, oil, paint or other debris.  In many cases the item or items may need to be media blasted and/or power washed to promote the best adhesion.
  • Once the part is thoroughly cleaned, and you have selected a color, a special spray gun is used to apply the powder.  The spray gun electro-statically charges and sprays the powder, creating an attraction between the powder and the part. This unique process does not require a traditional primer coat.
  • The last step is a trip to the oven where the finish is heated, fused, and cured onto the parts.

The above is a simple summary of the process. You are welcome to come in or call for further details.


*Also note that the powder coating process is environmentally friendly as well.



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